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Febrile Convulsions

[st_box title=”WARNING” type=”warning”]DO NOT cool the child by sponging or bathing, but remove excess clothing.[/st_box]

Convulsions in infants and children may be due to fever, infection, epilepsy or other conditions. Febrile convulsions are usually brief, lasting no more than 5 minutes.

Signs & symptoms

  • fever
  • muscle stiffening
  • twitching or jerking of face and limbs
  • eyes rolling upwards
  • blue face and lips
  • unconsciousness.

What to do

1. During the convulsion

  • place the child on the floor for safety
  • turn the child on their side
  • DO NOT restrain the child.

2. After the convulsion

  • follow DRSABCD
  • remove excess clothing or wrappings
  • seek medical attention if necessary.


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