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Lifejackets save lives. But a lifejacket will not save your life if you are not wearing it.
You must carry a lifejacket forevery person on board. But don’t just have lifejackets on board, make sure you and your passengers wear them.
New rules apply in NSW and you must wear a lifejacket in situations including if you are:

  • Under 12 years of age
  • In a small vessel up to 4.8m long when boating alone, at night, on open (ocean) waters and on alpine waters
  • On a PWC
  • Being towed
  • When wearing waders on alpine waters
  • Instructed to by the skipper.

For more information on boating safety with children visit www.rms.nsw.gov.au or lifejacketwearit.com.au or call the info line 13 12 56

The skipper of every boat is responsible for the safety of their vessel and the people on board.
While that responsibility presents some challenges, a seaworthy and well-prepared vessel in good hands can provide an immense amount of enjoyment for you, your friends and your family.

Preparation and awareness are two of the most important elements of safe and responsible boating.
As skipper, take time to ensure the boat is ready and also spend time to consider the safety issues.  More information on boating safety issues is available at www.maritime.nsw.gov.au

If you take your children boating, teach them emergency procedures.  It will build their confidence and give you peace of mind.
Make sure that the lifejackets are well fitting and suitable for the boating situation.
Older children should be encouraged to wear an appropriate lifejacket at all times, especially when in open areas of a boat where it is possible to fall directly overboard.

Stop children from having any part of their body out of the boat when it is underway.
Teach them the rules about keep a good lookout, keeping a safe distance from other and reducing wash.

An inflatable lifejacket will only work if it’s in working order.

If it’s not, the user could be at serious risk of drowning. It’s important to regularly check your lifejacket’s condition.

All it takes is a fish hook, or a loose or damaged CO2 cylinder to prevent your lifejacket from inflating.

Treat your lifejacket with care and it may just save your life.


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