Safety At Home

First Aid


For severe external bleeding:

  • wear gloves, if possible, to prevent infection
  • do not apply a tourniquet
  • if an object is embedded in or protruding from a wound apply pressure either side of the wound and place pads around it before bandaging
  • give nothing by mouth.

Unconscious casualty

1. Follow DRSABCD.

Conscious casualty

1. Follow DRSABCD.

2. Lie the casualty down and remove or cut their clothing to expose the wound.

3. Apply direct pressure over the wound using a pad or your hands (use gloves if available). Instruct the casualty to do this if possible.

4. Squeeze the wound edges together if possible.

5. Raise and support the injured part above the level of the heart. Handle gently if you suspect a fracture.

6. Apply a pad over the wound if not already in place and secure by bandaging over the padded wound.

7. If bleeding is still not controlled, leave initial pad in place and apply a second pad and secure with a bandage.

8. Check circulation below wound.

9. Ensure an ambulance has been called.


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