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Install smoke alarms in caravans and campervans now

It’s essential for people to install smoke alarms in caravans, campervans and other moveable dwellings where people sleep, following regulation changes from 25 February 2011.
Information Hotline: 1800 151 614
Find out more about the regulation changes here

Barbeque fire safety

Barbeques are extremely popular particularly during the warmer months, but they can also become potentially dangerous.
Find more information on some simple precautions you can take to prevent fire and more from BBQ’s.

Backyard fire safety

There are a few simple steps you can take to keep safe in your backyard. Chemicals are often used throughout the backyard in gardens, swimming pools, etc. For more information on how to store, use and dispose of chemicals see Home chemicals. If you live on the bushfire interface you will need to maintain your yard so you reduce the risk if bushfire threatens. For more information see Bushfire risk.

Holiday camping and caravan fire safety

Unfamiliar surroundings, poor preparation and lack of attention to detail while on holiday can quickly result in a fire that could be devastating for you, those around you and the environment.
Learn more on how to minimise the risk and how you can prepare in case of a fire whilst you are on holidays.

How to prepare your home when you are going away on holiday

Fires can and do occur in unoccupied houses and units while people are away taking a break. Simple precautionary steps before you leave on holidays may prevent a fire, or minimise its impact on you and your home.
Find out about the simple precautionary steps to take before you leave

Boating fire safety

Fire on board any vessel has the potential to be very dangerous due to the isolation from land and the volatility of on board fuels, ie: petrol, gas etc. Operators of all boats should have the necessary safety equipment installed and know how to use it in an emergency. Taking simple precautions can help prevent a fire and make your boating safer.
Fire services recommend this simple safety checklist to assist in keeping your boating safe.

Festive season fire safety

In 2005, over two thousand fires in NSW were caused by mechanical failure such as short circuits and faulty electrical plugs.
We recommend these simple safety checklist to assist in keeping your home safe.

LPG Cylinder Safety Check List

Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) is an excellent fuel for heating, cooking and for automotive use. LPG cylinders are safe if used correctly. However, if stored or used incorrectly, LPG can be extremely dangerous.
Learn how to safely use and store LPG.

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