Fire Safety

Common Fires

Help us, help you by exercising some of these fi re safety steps in your home:


1. Don’t overload powerpoints and powerboards.

2. Regularly check electrical leads for damage and faults.

3. Never use faulty electrical leads or appliances.

4. Store your electric blanket safely – roll don’t fold.

5. Before going to bed, turn off all electrical appliances at the powerpoint.

6. Turn off electric blankets and heaters when you’re not at home and before getting into bed.


1. Keep everything one metre away from your heater.

2. Install and use as per manufacturer’s instructions.

3. If you suspect a fault, have the heater serviced or replaced.

4. Always supervise young children in rooms with open fi res or working heaters.

5. Ensure flues and chimneys are regularly cleaned.

6. Strong fire screens should be set up in front of open fires.

7. Never use wheat bags in bed.


1. Clean your lint filter before or after each use.

2. Ensure there is adequate air fl ow around your dryer.

3. Don’t leave the dryer operating when you’re not home.


1. Keep candles well away from curtains with open windows and put them out when you leave the room.

2. Keep matches and lighters out of reach of children.

3. An adult should be present at all times when a candle is being used.

4. Extinguish cigarettes properly before disposal.

5. Never smoke in bed. It’s extremely dangerous.

6. Smokers should only use child-proof lighters and deep ashtrays.


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