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From the bush to the city, families travel out and about on all different kinds of transport – by car and other vehicles, bike, train, bus, ferry, boat and on foot.

Safe travel with young children is the responsibility of adults. Sometimes this isn’t easy as young children’s behaviour can be a challenge (PDF 166kb) to families. Sharing the Kids and Traffic Key Road Safety Messages with children (PDF 170kb) and with all the adults (PDF 250kb) in children’s lives can help keep them safe – as passengers, pedestrians and at play.

As almost 80% of children aged 0 to 4 years killed or injured in traffic related crashes are passengers (PDF 270kb), implementing the ‘buckle up safely’ message is critical.

When young children are pedestrians, getting in and out of vehicles and all the other types of transport, the message, ‘Hold their hand or hold them close’, is the surest way for adults to keep children safe.

When children are riding on bikes or wheeled toys, adults need to actively supervise them and to make sure they wear a correctly fitted helmet (PDF 149kb).


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