Fire Safety

Better Safe Than Sorry with Henri Szeps

People aged 65 years and over are the highest fire risk group in the community. In 2010, FRNSW attended 25 fatal residential fires. Nine of these fatalities were aged 65 years and over.

The following videos are from a DVD narrated by Henri Szeps, the co-star of the award winning ABC TV series Mother and Son. Copies of the DVD are available through local libraries and at local fire stations.



Video chapters

  • Fire safety in the kitchen
  • Using electricity at home fire safety
  • Home heating fire safety
  • Fire safety in the bedroom
  • Fire safety in the laundry
  • Smoke alarms in the home
  • What to do in an emergency
  • Every home needs an escape plan
  • Fire safety for BBQ’s

Click here to view the Better Safe than Sorry videos from our YouTube channel

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